My Amazing Life and waiting

Aug 07

School is almost here!

Noooooooo! And. Yessssss!!!!

Aug 07
It really is !

It really is !

Aug 07

milk’s favorite cookie.


milk’s favorite cookie.

Aug 04


I am on tumblr for the first time in forever. All I can say is WOW!!…

Jan 15

ok today now

i cant stand ”t” right now. i want to get over him but i cant.

the other guy i am making progress with! yeaah! 

Jan 15

1-14-11 yestarday

friday was so fun!! well the second half of the day!! first half..math final. second half tea rush, hmart, and chuckies cheese’s with mi amigas!! <3 !

tea rush was good. got somethin called aquamarine. it was yummy. chuckies cheese had so many little kids screaming and running around.  but it was fun!

Dec 18

Only 7 more dayS! =)

last day of school 4 2010 was yestarday.  Yes! were like half way done. almost.

u know wat sucks. my fav show in the whole world. VAMPIRE DIARIES! is Not COMING ON till Jan. 27. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

right now its raining. wat a bore. and i hav to today first get a christmas tree and then go shopping. in the rain. WONDERFUL!

any who ha.  im bored and on facebook, youtube, and tumblr all on the same time and there is still nothin to do. CRap!

See how great my amazing life is……

Oct 16

12:12 P.m now 12:13 P.m

soo bored +  on computer

i want the sun to come out and SHinE!!!!

Oct 16


i was suppose 2 go to the branding iron game last night but my dad said i could not go. cause he had a lot of work and he said last week that he was going to take me so he could finally see a game. But NO. he i mean we did not go .. Uhhh PARENTS!!

anywho hey… homecoming last week was SOO MUCH FUN!!!!

we came 2 the schooll to take pics but they werent taking group pics there! They Didnt say that on the orange paper!

we were suppose to go out to get a fancy dinner at the OLIVE GARDEN! but it was cancelled. IN-n-OUT instead! Lol!

but the rest of the night was great. Pics, cake (yum) and dancing alot!!! ( my hair was soo yucky the next day) Byee!!!!

Oct 03

my computer FINALLY WORKS!!